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Services Offered at Momentum Psychological Health

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Individual Therapy

Evidenced Based Treatment Focused on Health and Wellbeing

The impact of mental health on physical health and vice versa cannot be overlooked if we are to take into account the whole person. Because of this, many therapies currently offered at Momentum Psychological Health are designed for clients with health conditions ranging from insomnia to chronic pain. An assessment of the social and psychological factors that may be contributing to the exacerbation of a health condition will be conducted. Following this, Dr. Hunsaker will utilize evidence based therapies to help clients build skills, challenge and change problematic behaviors and reduce symptom severity. These therapies are contingent upon clients engaging in strategies and skills outside of the therapy room.


The approach is a blend of science and art. The science comes from identifying and utilizing evidence based therapies and interventions that are the best fit for the client's presenting concern. The art comes from getting to know each unique individual and working with them as a team to identify ways in which therapy can be the most beneficial for them. Therapy is offered utilizing HIPAA compliant telehealth. Complex health concerns often require a multidisciplinary approach and because of this, Dr. Hunsaker will work collaboratively with your primary care provider or specialty physician with your consent. This will help leverage the work we do to best promote your overall health. ​

Individual Intensives for Chronic Pain or Insomnia

Have you ever wanted to learn what you need to know quickly so you can start to self-manage your sleep or pain and move on with your life?


Tired of waiting to get into one specialist after the other?


Tired of wading through information online, self help books, life coach gurus websites, podcasts, your family and friends opinions and so on just to find out what you could do to help manage your symptoms?  


If so, individual intensives may be a good fit for you. An individual intensive would include an initial assessment, education and evidenced based interventions tailored to you to help you improve your pain or sleep. Take the guess work and the lengthy legwork out of it and learn what you need to learn to move forward.

Intensives are anywhere from 3-9 hours of individual work with Dr. Hunsaker over the course of 2-3 days. These days may be spread out over the course of a few weekdays, a weekend or a month depending on what your needs are and what we are addressing. You will be receiving all the information you would get from traditional individual therapy just at a much faster pace. 


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Pre-Surgical Psychological Assessment

Dr. Hunsaker provides pre-surgical psychological assessments for bariatric surgery and spinal cord stimulators. Because pre-surgical psychological assessments are often a requirement for these surgeries and requested by the surgical team, Dr. Hunsaker will send the final report to your surgical team with your consent. The final report will include any areas of concern, strengths that were identified, as well as possible interventions that could aid in recovery.

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