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Dr. Hunsaker is currently full for individual therapy. She will update the site if this changes. If you would like to get started with an individual intensive, COAST Digital Insomnia Intervention or pre-surgical psychological assessment with Momentum Psychological Health please fill out the form below. Momentum Psychological Health is currently open part of the day Monday through Thursday. Because of the limited available hours we are not an urgent mental health clinic and do not accept clients in crisis who need to be seen or evaluated quickly. If you are in crisis or need urgent mental health services please call the National Crisis Hotline at 988, call 911 or present to your nearest Emergency Department.

Would you like us to reach out to you by email if we are unable to reach you by phone? If yes, you will receive an invite to a HIPAA compliant client portal where we can send a message to you.
What type of services are you seeking?
If you would like to engage in individual therapy, what would you like to work on? Please note if you are choosing Other, Momentum Psychological Health will evaluate whether we are a good fit for your therapy goals on a case by case basis.

Thanks for submitting!

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