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  1. Complete short questionnaire under the Get Started tab. ​​If you prefer to provide your information by phone, please call 1-406-813-0961. If at anytime you find yourself in need of immediate mental health support or crisis intervention, please call the National Crisis Hotline at 1-800-273-8255, call 911 or go to your nearest ER.

  2. Follow up phone call. After you complete the short questionnaire you will be contacted by Dr. Hunsaker for an initial phone call. This phone call should take 5-10 minutes and the purpose is to answer questions you have including those about fees and payment. This phone call also outlines the services offered by Dr. Hunsaker and if the services you are interested in are not offered at Momentum Psychological Health she will help you identify ways to find other therapists that do offer the services you are interested in.

  3. Schedule initial intake. The initial intake will take anywhere from 60-90 minutes. Intakes often do not feel the same as future therapy sessions. The purpose of an intake is to gain the information needed to create a good foundation for productive therapy so these sessions often feel less conversational and more business like. You can expect to fill out paperwork, questionnaires, and answer questions regarding current areas of difficulty, impact of those difficulties on functioning as well as your strengths. After this intake Dr. Hunsaker will review the information and develop an initial plan for the course of treatment.

  4. First Therapy Session. Dr. Hunsaker will discuss the information gathered from the intake, describe the treatment options available to you, discuss typical treatment length, and answer any questions you have regarding this. If you are in agreement with the initial course of treatment she will begin to introduce elements of the therapy and provide psychoeducation.  Further follow up sessions will be scheduled.

  5. Making a decision and committing to the work. Finding a therapist that is a good fit for you is incredibly important. Dr. Hunsaker is aware that clients are often evaluating this goodness of fit in the first few sessions and are trying to decide whether or not to continue pursuing therapy. She encourages you to work with her for a few weeks before you decide, within those first few weeks you should get a feel of whether the therapy matches your goals and if she is a good fit to help you reach those goals. Therapy is an investment in your health and she wants you to make an informed decision. Once you have made that choice, committing to the work is the next step. Therapy is work both in session and out. It isn't always comfortable but the end result is worth the effort.  

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