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Classes and Digital Interventions Focused on Health and Wellbeing

Classes are focused on a specific presenting problem, illness, diagnosis or life situation. Classes offer psychoeducation, skills training, and resources but they do not go in depth with a participants specific presentation. In therapy you may learn similar skills and gain similar psychoeducation but it would be more tailored to you and your circumstance. There is no therapeutic relationship if you participate in a class as it is for educational purposes only. Classes are offered in an online format where you learn at your own pace watching videos, learning skills and receiving downloadable materials. Other types of digital interventions may offer clinician assistance in learning skills and implementing them. There is no therapeutic relationship if you participate in a digital intervention as it is for educational purposes only.  

COAST - Clinician Assisted Digital Platform to Monitor and Treat Insomnia

Utilizing a digital platform learn about what processes regulate sleep, what behavioral and cognitive aspects perpetuate insomnia, track your sleep, and implement behavioral changes to improve sleep all with real-time clinician assistance. Clinician collects and interprets sleep data and sends personalized sleep recommendations through the digital platform. If you are sick of sitting on a waitlist to treat your insomnia and are motivated to better your sleep, engaging in COAST the digital platform for CBT-Insomnia may be a good fit for you. 

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